Thursday, 7 April 2016


I got this message from a brother through whatsapp and I think it is worth clouding on here.....

7 gruesome years in school, reading like you are aiming for first class, most stressful curriculum known to man, training that
totally changes your psychology and if
you ain't careful will kill your normal life, then you succeed only to gain certificate for more stress, HOUSE JOB( the hospital
housemaid) you work tirelessly 24/7 for a
salary that you can't really explain how it flies, most times, the money is used up
even before you receive the alert and the qualification of doctor makes you everyone's ATM, and while you are at it, you
look at the future( residency, MO) and you are like WTF!'s 5pm, am sitting on the
hard spine twisting chair legs on the table
concentrating on the ceiling fan, thinking what the hell am I doing on this path.. While I wait for the doctor who will come to
relieve me of duties, suddenly the
attendant barges in, with a frown, soft but
stern voice she tells me, there is another
emergency, the chill runs down my spine, voice in my head screaming not again,
little boy is brought in, finding it hard to
breath,mother totally wrecked, father in
distress looking rough in his short and singlet and confusion obvious from his
speech while he tries to explain to me, I quickly access, come up with a diagnosis,
and wield alittle magic from the knowledge I gained in training, 30 mins later child is stable, calm, sleeping happily, I wait to re
access, and make sure all is well, its 6 pm
and am on my way home, used up and
As I step out of the hospital a jeep parks in front of me, I was startled, then a man drops down looking good and well groomed, from his appearance u know
is of high class, and he is all submissive
and grateful,it took me seconds den I
recognized him, he is d father of the boy,
and he parked and dropped just to say
thank you, I realized the meaning of butterfly
in the belly that moment, and I couldn't
get a word to explain d feeling, was it joy??
Pride?? Or honor?? Can't really say, all I know
is it kept a smile on my face my weary state couldn't wipe off, then it dawned on
me, no one can pay me for what I do, because there
is no price to life ,all they can do is pay me to
be happy to keep doing it, in this vain.
I dedicate this write up to All, who stay awake all night to watch others sleep in
good health, those that spend their days
covered in other peoples bodily fluid, those who dare to stick their noses down
another persons ass just to bring life to the world, the risk takers when all is going
south, those that have to be calm when every other person is panicking that
someone is dying, those that spend their
holidays away from family so others may live, those that leave their children at home at night to nurse other peoples kid to good
health all night, those that ditch their friends and family to spend weekends with
total strangers all in the name of better
health status, those that share grief of
death with every family they couldn't save their members, THOSE THAT PRACTICE THE
DOCTORS!!! NURSES!!! OTHER HEALTH WORKERS!!!God bless nigeria!!!