Saturday, 13 February 2016


"Homes built on violence cannot be expected to stand strong."

Humans have a large advantage over all other the species existing on earth. This is reflected in our ability to think, to communicate verbally and through other means,  to plan for the future, and to bring our imaginations to life.
One would naturally expect humans to be the most advanced in all spheres of life, but this is unfortunately not true in all cases. For example, some humans are relegating themselves to the level of the most primitive species- like the spider!

Once mating takes place between spiders, each of the two "lovebirds" seek to make food of the other. The male spiders - usually smaller- are usually being eaten by the females, but in some cases where the male is bigger, the males eat up the females.
Interestingly, the female spider also becomes food for her very own kids once they are mature a little.  The spider's "home", to me, is one of most cruel example of ABUSE, a home where people are only used. This is the weakest of homes!
"....... yet of all houses the house of the spider is the frailest. If they but knew."

A closer look into many homes today will show them to be no better than those of the spiders. Homes where  the interests of spouses are not important,  where wives are no different from slaves. Homes built on violence cannot be expected to stand strong.
Homes where kids grow to become masters of their parents and literally "eat" them up with the sorrows they cause.
This trend is spreading wider than fire. Making some human homes even weaker than those of the spiders.

If we must win back our superiority, then we must show better relationships than inferior species.
Husbands must always remember and respect the rights of their wives, and wives should never have to cope with domestic violence. Her voice should show that  she is not a ploughing animal.
Kids should remember that the keys to heaven is right there with their parents. No child cruel to his parents will make heaven.

Only by doing these can we show to have stronger homes than the "primitive" spiders