Saturday, 30 January 2016


I must start by saying this very short write-up is pretty unconventional and may require a little extra brainwork from the reader.

Fornication, by definition, is simply sexual intercourse between people not married to each other. Sin or not, that's for the preachers to tell. Though I'm no advocate of the act, I'm driven only by my passion for justice to defend the much threatened honour of this act called fornication.
The following questions may help to build a foundation for this discourse;
How does it feel to be called demeaning names, or names that don't reflect our true worth? Terrible right? Yes! Because our names are extremely important properties and that's why we never get tired of correcting people that pronounce or spell our names wrongly.
Why then do we do unto fornication what we hate for ourselves?
I hear young people in relationships calling it "premarital sex". Young girls call it "runz" like it's an exercise or business. Some call it "getting laid". Others call it "fling" likes it's a useless paper. The list goes on and on.
Adultery, its elder sister, is also called several names like "cheating", "extramarital affairs", and even "survival" by married people.

I'm finding it hard to make a convincing guess about why we use these names. Is it because some of them make these acts seem more attractive? Maybe because calling it fornication reminds us of the holy books and hell that this act leads to, so we call it mordern names to make it look like it's not the same thing. But are we now that cowardly that we lie to our very own conscience to make our act seem fair? Why do we hide behind the "one finger" called vocabulary? I mean, if we are bold enough to disregard God's commandments, we should be bold enough to admit it.

I strongly believe that it is unfair and unjust to call anybody a name that doesn't reflect his true worth, and this is also true for fornication, let's call it its original name. The name that sings its glory as one of the sure paths to worldly and heavenly ruins.

And No! It's abuse of power, not politics.
Call it sodomy, let sodom and gomorrah ring in, not alternative lifestyle.
Call it Riba (usury), and not interest.
Call it mass murder, not "collateral damage"
Call it intoxication, not "getting high".

Our conscience is God's given gift that prompts us whenever we're violating our souls, we shouldn't risk losing it!
Quit being hypocritical and Call these things their God-given names!