Saturday, 16 January 2016


Most things we are confused about are just side attractions. The answers to all life questions become clear once we find answers to the cardinal questions

When the mind hits a brick-wall of confusion, the mouth quickly confess that LIFE IS A MYSTERY. Confusion of the human mind is the simple cause of such a distorted conclusion, because life is really easily understandable.

A teacher rightly said; "A confused mind is like a faulty engine, the efficiency of its bearer progressively reduces unless it gets fixed"
I like to say that confusion is a big threat to every man's success & even his/her very existence. Let's briefly shed some light on this claim;
Having recognised the power of confusion, the  world's biggest mischief makers - terrorists, power hungry leaders, notorious criminals and even Satan, their master- employ various tricks to put their targets in a constant state of bewilderment. This fact is pretty obvious.
Also the world's most notorious diseases causing agents, like their human counterparts, are masters of the art of confusion.
One of the confusing tricks of HIV (a virus) is that it mimics some bacteria, causing the immune system to direct a less efficient weapon towards it.
Cancer, as a matter of fact, is a consequence of confusion in the control mechanism of cellular growth.
Malaria parasite, plasmodium, also confuses the immune system by changing its form in quick successions.
Many terrible health challenges are consequences of systemic confusion. Seasickness is a practical example. The cause of seasickness is summarised as follows;
As the water craft (boat or ship) rocks, the in-built organs of balance in the ear sends a warning of impending danger to the brain. At the same time, the eyes, seeing no danger, sends an opposite "no danger" message to the brain. The brain, receiving conflicting messages from both organs at the same time, becomes totally CONFUSED. Then Systemic commotion follows- digestion stops, abdominal pain & an urge to vomit develops, headache starts, dizziness, vertigo, and even fainting may result. Words can't explain how terrible it feels. In this same manner, getting conflicting theories about life from random sources can lead to life "seasickness"

I have come to realise, over time that the first step in achieving success in life (and afterlife) is to seek clarity to all confusions. Failure to do this leads to discombobulation.

There's a big lesson to learn from treatment of seasickness. In treating seasickness, the sufferer move away from his present station to a higher level -say to the top deck. Then he focuses on something very straight beyond his immediate environment for a period of time. Most people are told to stare at the horizon.
This is, in fact, the template for resolving all confusions.
Raising the mind to a higher level, a level free of hatred, sentiments and all negativity. Then looking beyond one's immediate environment, beyond the superstitions, beyond traditions, beyond quotes of random philosophers, beyond childhood tales..... Looking into something very straight- without any blemish or crookedness. There, all answers would be found.
I'll conclude by saying, Most things we are confused about are just side attractions. The answers to all life questions become clear once we find answers to the cardinal questions.

I suggest you take the quick test below.

INSTRUCTION:  Ask yourself the questions below and answer "Yes" or "No" to each of them;
1.     Do I know how life came about?
2.     Do I have a strict definition for (what's) right and (what's) wrong?
3.     Do I have an ever-consistent theory to explain all supernatural interplay?
4.     Do I have a defend-able personal definition of success?
5.     Have I come up with a set of (5 or fewer) rules that can be applied impartially in all interactions and decision making - either with my family members or with total strangers.

In my opinion, once you can sincerely answer "yes" to all questions above, you have demystified life.
For me, i found my answers in a Book. I call it "the  master manual". Verily I say unto you that even death, though scary, is no mystery!