Thursday, 5 May 2016


As we grow up, we often realise that the world is a battle ground. This realisation drives us to ask the big question; WHO IS THE ENEMY?
In the quest to unveil the enemy, people search the wrong places- among blood relations, friends, coworkers, colleagues Etc. This sets up suspicion, breaking of ties and all sorts of negative vibes.
However, nothing really changes in most cases even after cutting ties with the so-called enemy, leading to a new round of "enemy search".
This confusion is, in fact, one of the greatest tricks of the real enemy- SATAN, the accursed!
Satan has chosen man as a lifelong enemy out of envy. He envies you and I, he envies our dominion over all creatures. He is the real enemy we have come here to battle. Once he is defeated in our individual lives, we are victors!
This discourse focuses on the tactics of satan, as it is said that knowing your enemy's strategy is half victory.

  • The first thing to know about satan is that he HAS NO POWER to force you into sinning, all he does is to whisper his advice into your mind. He does it very frequently if you allow him, thus preventing him at all cost is the way out.
  • His main aim is to sway humans from believing in God. He tries his very best to trick every human into believing that there is no God, or at least he distorts their understanding of Who God truly is. Once this is done, he is in control.
  • If the tactic stated above fails, then he moves to encourage major sins like adultery, intoxication, abandonment of prayers etc.
  • if this fails, he then makes minor sins attractive, like gossiping, pride etc
  • If the individual stands firm against these temptations, then satan encourages him to do things that are neither sins nor good deeds like over-eating, unnecessary arguments etc. These will then occupy his time and prevent him from good deeds.
  • Then he gradually lures people with the promise of what they love most- fame, wealth, women- making it hard for them to resist. 
  • His next trick is to plant fear and sadness in his victim's heart, and making poverty very scary. Thus the victim will do many unwanted things out of fear.
  • If all these fails, he then uses his ground soldiers to manipulate his victim's affairs. They do it so constantly aiming to diminish willpower of such a person. These soldiers are found everywhere, anytime. 

These are some of the tricks of satan, the accursed. He is the real enemy. We must hold on to God's commandments and constantly seek help from God in order to win this battle!