Saturday, 27 February 2016


Every man was born with a potential to become better than an angel or worse than the devil. His eventual station within these two extremes is determined by his ability to suppress his inherent evil tendencies and some other factors.
If this evil tendency is given a slight chance, it drives a person into shameful acts. Once its effect subsides, a person realises how shameful his acts are, he then moves to blame it on every other person or thing- except himself!
We will always see armed robbers blaming the government for their crime, even treasury looters find someone to blame. They are never bold enough to take the blame.

In modern times, evildoers found an easy place to dump the blame- Religion!
A certain blood thirsty Joseph Kony with his lords resistance army reigned terror on uganda, south sudan, CAR, and congo with the holy bible in hand from 1987 till date, backing all their terror activities up with the bible. Just the same way Shekau and his boko haram are backing their terror acts up with the Quran. Fortunately,  the government is very interested in wiping out terrorists, so they are a lesser headache.

The bigger headache is us. Yes, me and you. We hate fellow humans just because they can't "see the light" of our own religion, forgetting that it took God's guidance for us to find Him. We can hardly learn from an inter-religious discussion because we are too busy pouring out our disgust and exhibiting the superiority of our own understanding.  We can easily understand the mistakes of people with same religion but overflog those from people of opposite religion. We are so paranoid that we eventually end up hostile to the best people we should have met. We have grown too religious and equally ungodly! But the government won't fix this.

History has it that when the early muslims were heavily persecuted in mecca, they migrated to Ethiopia where they were given security and sustenance by a christian king and his people. They understood each other and  lived in peace. This got me asking a lot of questions questions.

I found the answer to the big question: how did we end up with so much hatred?
And the answer is not Religion. The evil in the breasts of men crying to be expressed is.

For me, I will hate no man. 
I will engage every person honourably, answering every query they have about my religion in the best manner I can. 
I will pray that God guides everyone who seek guidance for He is the ONLY ONE who guides aright.