Saturday, 23 January 2016


“What if there is a ladder that leads straight into heaven? Surely, we'd work tirelessly day and night to acquire it. Wont we?”

For most people, the thought of heaven is breathtaking. This is made so by its jaw-dropping description in the holy books. I like to say that “heaven is worth dying for”, but in all honesty, death is terrifying. So scary that a lot of people would rather climb into heaven alive if they could.
Going on an imaginative trip for a minute, what if there was a ladder that leads straight into heaven? Surely, we'd work tirelessly day and night to acquire it. Wont we?
Back to reality, the great news is that such a ladder exist. It has always been in existence but only a few men take advantage of it.
Check out the FAQ section that follows to learn more about this ladder. Other queries should be placed in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions
Question: Is this a joke?
Answer: hell no! Heaven no! As you have noticed, the writer is no comedian.

Q: how much does it cost?
A: money seems unimportant here. It appears that it becomes even harder to afford with increasing wealth as Jesus was quoted to say “it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the kingdom of God”.

Q: Where can I get it?
A: it's not being distributed or sold. You'll have to build yours like every individual must build theirs because it can't be shared.

Q: I don’t have carpentry skills.
A: No need for that.

Q: What materials do I need?
A: You won’t be needing much, no wood, no hammer, none of those........ All   you need are actions (and inactions).

Q: What type of actions are we talking about here?
A: Simple actions! Some that may be considered insignificant like reading this post. Yes, reading this post is a show of desire for heaven and seeking knowledge is a very important action.
These actions are innumerable but they conform to the following basic principles;
1.      They are in agreement with God's directives.
2.      They cause offence to no man.
3.      They make the world a better place.
Any action that conform to these principles are pieces of the ladder.
·         The most important actions are those that keep you at peace with your Creator. Like learning and abiding by the laws given to Moses, the prophet. Like spending time to learn about God and how best to worship Him.
Others are;
·         Actions that you may consider insignificant like having a smile on your face at all times. The prophet (SAW) said it's a form of charity, Like being moderate in all things- eating moderately, spending moderately and even being moderate in religion. Like choosing to forgive even when you can have your deserved revenge. Like visiting random sick people or people in distress.
·         Those that may earn you a ridiculous "father Christmas" title, like being unbelievably generous- both to associates, strangers, and even animals.
·         Those that may make you "anti-social", like choosing to wear decent clothes in a world where people compete to "show it all". Like controlling your TV and music exposure against popular immoral trends. Like choosing to stay sober and not blame anything on the alcohol.

Q: Does it mean I can ascend heaven alive if I maintain these actions?
A: No o. pardon me for not mentioning it earlier that we will never find a way around death. We will all die as said by the Creator Himself.
“….every soul will taste death, and you will only be given your full compensation on the Day of Resurrection…”

Q: What's the use of this so-called ladder then?
A: The ladder becomes useful immediately after death. And there’s no entering heaven without it!

I'm hustling to build me a tall ladder. I hope you are also on it.